Taking on Asset Forfeiture Abuse

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Taking On Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse

Did a law enforcement officer or federal agent seize money from you during a traffic stop or at the airport? Just because the police or federal government took your money does not mean they get to keep it.

Our experienced team of attorneys are investigating instances of civil asset forfeiture by local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. If you had money taken from you by the police that was not associated with a crime, please contact us below.

We are a group of tenacious attorneys, forensic investigators and anti-corruption watchdogs who are seeking to stop local, state, and federal government officials from seizing the legal assets of law-abiding citizens through the civil asset forfeiture process. If you had your cash seized by law enforcement during a traffic stop or in an airport, we want to hear your story. We might be able to help you recover your money.

We are working to make sure the government does not seize money from innocent victims. Your participation will help us stop what we believe is an unconstitutional taking of private property that is targeting many innocent, hard-working people each year. In the event that litigation is filed and is successful, you may be entitled to compensation and/or reimbursement from the government.

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Please contact us below for a no-obligation consultation. You will pay no legal fees unless we are successful in recovering your money. We offer contingency-based legal fees in which the legal fees are calculated prior to the deduction of any litigation-related expenses. If the litigation is not successful, you are not responsible for paying any legal fees or expenses incurred as a result of representing you.

Report Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse

What Is Civil Asset Forfeiture?

Civil Asset Forfeiture is the federal or state government taking ownership of a person’s money when they believe the money was used in the commission of a crime or when the person who had possession of the money is unable to explain its origin.

The practice has dubious legal justifications that we believe could be declared unconstitutional if presented to the federal and state courts in the right manner.

Civil Asset Forfeiture is different from a seizure. The seizure is that act of law enforcement temporarily taking possession of a person’s assets such as cash, vehicles, or property. Forfeiture occurs when there is a court process in which the government takes permanent ownership of the money or property.

It is also different from a criminal forfeiture. In Civil Asset Forfeiture, the court action is against the money, not the person. Assets are often forfeited by people who have never been and never will be convicted of a crime.

We are seeking clients who had their money seized during a traffic stop or at an airport and then that money was forfeited to the government. If this happened to you, please contact us at 1-855-945-1645 or tell us your story online.

There Is Widespread Evidence of Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse

Civil Asset Forfeiture has come under increased scrutiny in recent years as evidence mounts that the practice is taking the legal assets of law-abiding people who are not involved in criminal activity. The law enforcement agencies and governments involved in taking the assets have a financial incentive to create as broad of a net as possible because they get to keep a share of the forfeited money through a practice called equitable sharing.

To date, 39 states have either passed or are working on Civil Asset Forfeiture reform.

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